Choose perfect fake Omega 1948 Seamaster Platinum watches from China

By | 2018-12-21

Omega showed us two of the cooler looking wristwatches that were limited edition to celebrate the seamaster70th anniversary, a Swiss watch design classic from the postwar era that was popular with returning British soldiers.

Omega 1948 Seamaster Platinum Limited Editions

One person has a second, another person has a second. Both use 38 mm stainless steel case packaging Master Chronometer movement, and the use of retro shape, it will be re-created in the middle of this century to make the golden age of the Omega replica watches industry. Each item is also limited to 1,948 pieces. At that time, we assumed that the two 38 mm limits were for collection. But two days ago, Omega added two new platinum watches to its Omega Seamaster 1948 limited-edition edition — one central second and one small second, each 70 seconds — that follow the same pattern. These two new platinum pieces are Master Chronometers, which means that in addition to the certified Chronometers, they have undergone rigorous measurements, including magnetometric resistance.

The new swiss fake Omega watches platinum additives have the same winning look as stainless steel models introduced earlier this year, but there are aesthetic details that set them apart from their slightly more pedestrian white metal brethren. While both steel versions match the silver dial, the platinum version comes with a genuine platinum dial and gold pointer. The platinum central second hand version has 18-karat Sedna gold hands, meaning they are made from omega’s proprietary rose gold alloy, while the smaller second hand version has a gold hand with a hunter green band.

The movements that power the two new watches are similar to those that power the two watches, but they vary slightly in number. It seems that these slightly different Numbers can be attributed to each of these movements being an enhanced version of the basic model. Each has a rotor and balance bridge made of Sedna gold, which can be seen through the unique boat pattern on the sapphire crystal base cover. Each platinum version also comes with a soft brown leather collection box with an extra belt and belt replacement kit. If you missed it,cheap Omega replica watches recently announced that it will increase the warranty on all new watches to five years. This new platinum model and the steel model we reported in March apply to the new coverage.