Omega Replica 1947 Tourbillon 30 I prototype tourbillon watch

By | 2017-12-14

At Geneva Watch Auction, OMEGA’s historically significant and unique prototype steel tourbillon finally sold for 1,428,500 Swiss francs and set an Omega watch after a 19-minute bid New world auction record.

Omega Tourbillon 30 I prototype tourbillon watch

Prototype Tourbillon This timepiece is still in good condition in the history of watch making history carries a significant meaning, the tourbillon escapement system using Guillaume (Guillaume) balance wheel, at the time for the tourbillon craft in the field of exact replica watches The application opened up a new road. The watch is the first prototype of a series of Omega Tourbillon watches in the late 1940s, but was not public before.
Watch with 37.5 mm stainless steel case, equipped with Omega “30 I” hand-wound movement, dial and clasp are decorated with Omega logo. The accompanying Omega Archive excerpts prove that the watch was produced in 1947 and is the only Tourbillon 30 I wristwatch known to Cheap Omega Replica Watches since the year of manufacture.
In 1947, Omega produced 12 “30 I” tourbillon movements with a diameter of only 30 millimeters and participated in the Geneva Observatory, the Neuchatel Observatory and the Kew-Teddington Observatory ( Kew-Teddington Observatory) “watch” category of tests. Between 1947 and 1952, these 12 movements were involved in multiple wristwatch tests and even scored high on the 1950 Observatory “wristwatch” category test at Geneva.
Over the past few decades, this tourbillon watch has not been known. Its uniqueness is that it is not equipped with one of the 12 tourbillons that Omega produced that year, but a direct-built tourbillon of the brand in 1947, which speaks of the importance of the watchmaking and Omega brand histories The metaphor.
Today, Omega has developed the world’s only coaxial center tourbillon movement. The movement was born in Omega Swiss Tourbillon Tourbillon studio, by a large number of watchmakers combined research and development and hand-made, its exquisite craft amazing.

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