Omega CK 2915-1 replica watches UK 180 million shot

By | 2017-10-28

Recently, Bukowskis auctioned in Stockholm, Sweden, an Omega Speedmaster CK 2915-1 watch, the transaction price reached 275,508 US dollars (equivalent to about 180 million yuan), setting a super-table watch auction transaction records. The watch is in good condition but the results of the auction a few years ago are unbelievable.

Best luxury replica watches may not uncommon, but some early models really hard to find, especially when the maintenance of good condition. This is a CK 2915-1 watch, belonging to the first generation of super-speed produced in 1958. The Caliber 321 built-in watch movement, with fluorescent dart pointer, steel tachometer bezel and slender straight lugs and all other iconic design features.
This watch is in good condition (except the bezel is slightly worn), which is highly collectible, but more interesting is the story behind the watch. The original watch’s son discovered the watch recently while cleaning the attic, in a box. The high quality omega replica watches has not been polished and has not been worn for decades. This is a good reminder, the future may have more dust pearls to reproduce the world, bringing more surprises table fans.

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