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By | 2017-07-14

In my eyes, there are two high-level watches, one is very sense of science and technology do, integrated brand advanced watchmaking technology, there is a sense of art, historic heritage, with the exception of brand technology additional value. Today, we have to recommend to everyone that there are three historic matching tables with historical heritage and brand technologies. Let’s take a look together.

Omega Speedmaster ’57 coaxial chronograph watch
Watch Model: 331.
Domestic price: RMB 66500
Watch diameter: 41.5 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: Omega Speedmaster replica series there are many kinds of watches, and super-tycoon ’57 coaxial chronograph watch design inherited the appearance of the first Omega Superbrake 1957 appearances, including the broadsword pointer, 12 o’clock Like a pilot-like design, a bezel with a tachometer, arched mirrors, and a vertical lug extending from the case. The modern version of the ultra-thin ’57 watch, with Omega coaxial technology innovation, equipped with 9300 self-winding chronograph movement, which will be the first three-eye dial to modify the binocular dial, highlight the modern tabulation technology. Has a classic shape, but is equipped with a silicon gossamer, coaxial escapement, anti-glare treatment of the sapphire crystal and the bottom cover, and Omega provide up to 4 years of service, it is clear that this is a heritage , There are technical high-tech modern watch, not only suitable for daily wear, but also as a collection, into the bag.

Rolex Submariner Series 114060-97200 watch
Domestic price: RMB 61500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch Comments: Rolex submariners without calendar version, is now a lot of people who love to submarine but can not buy steel an additional option, in fact, many people prefer non-calendar version, on the one hand because of a calendar version Bias tend to wear everyday, unlike a professional tool table, on the other hand, Rolex used to provide a lot of fields of expertise in the past, are calendar-free. Although we all know that the calendar version of the submarine, whether new or used luxury replica watches review are high prices, but do not know, no calendar version of the submarine, the price is not cheap. And many people do not know is that although Rolex failure rate is relatively low, but the calendar is more common problem, so experts even more recommended without calendar submersibles.

Product family flip watch Q278856J watch
Domestic price: RMB 72000
Watch diameter: 46.8×27.4 mm
Watch thickness: 7.3 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Review: Jaeger-LeCoultre series is one of the world’s most classic square watch, was born in 1931, of which the most exalted original, was Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute 1931 to launch the ultra-thin Tribute 1931 watch. This watch is one of its members, the thickness of only 7.3 mm, the square stainless steel case, brown plate, hands and scales all in accordance with the first series of flip watch design, with a leather strap, fine elegance, superior texture .
Summary: These three best replica watches review are currently on the market evergreen models, but also much favored watch models, they not only have historical heritage, but also superb design and modern tabulation technology blessing, is a very good day with Type watch.

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