Top swiss new Seamaster Edizione Venezia replica

By | 2018-09-14

What an unexpected but refreshing surprise Obviously, dress watches aren’t omega’s specialty – timetables and diving watches are. In terms of elegance and dress timing, the brand’s offer is usually short. However, Omega has decided to prove us wrong with a very elegant, perfectly proportioned and authentic watch, the new fake Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia, which will be exclusively sold in Venice, Italy – a perfect excuse to bring your “Bella” ragazza to visit floating cities.

A bit of history… As most people know, the hallmark of Omega Seamaster replica watch is Seahorse. Since 1957, the logo has been engraved on the back of most Seamaster watches. However, few people know the origin of the logo or why omega decided to use it. During a visit to Venice, members of Omega’s design department were struck by the exquisite statues of the famed gondolas and Neptune’s seahorse. The Omega Seamaster series logo has been discovered. Today, bear-based brands are paying homage to this story and the entire seahorse collection, whose watches will be exclusively sold in Venice and show exquisite retro inspiration.

Omega Seamaster Edizione Venezia presents the traditional “seven-stringed” case – here showing wire-drawing and polishing surfaces, as well as thin and polished bezels. With a case size of just “39.5mm,” the diameter is perfectly reasonable for cheap fake Omega watches, and large enough to remain in good condition on the wrist. The Venetian theme extends to the spherical crown, which follows the shape of the dome of st. mark’s cathedral. Two versions will be available, one 18K Sedna gold, brown leather strap and the other stainless steel with black leather strap.

The dial of Seamaster Edizione Venezia was also the nod of the early Seamaster watch, its domed shape, triangular decals, leaf pointer and applied Omega logo – two versions, steel or gold, hand and mark are gold, often used in combinations of early best Omega Seamaster replica watches. Stylish, elegant and, finally, very Omega style. Like Aqua Terra Railmaster, recently launched, Omega seems to have gone back to its roots, and its model perfectly embodies the brand’s DNA.

Of course, you can expect the Seahorse badge to be engraved on the back of this Seamaster Edizione Venezia. However, it is not on a sturdy metal base lid as it used to be. Instead, the logo laser is engraved on the sapphire crystal, showing Calibre 8800, a Master Chronometer core – meaning anti-magnetic (15,000 gauss), coaxial escapement system, in-house development and manufacture, silicon regulating organ and 55 hour power reserve.