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By | 2017-02-14

Omega has always been committed to excellence in ceramic watchmaking. At the same time, inspired by the success of the 2016 Omega Seamaster Ocean Deep “Black Sea” replica watches omega seamaster, Omega once again uses the entire piece of ceramic to create a new watch and create a Collection of GMT and dive features in one of the extraordinary timepieces. The glory of this innovation is exactly what Omega Seamaster Marine Ocean “Blue Sea Blue” watch.

The new Omega Sea Horse series Ocean Universe “blue sea” watch using the classic blue-orange color series, the case is made of blue ceramic block, which in the Omega Seamaster Marine watch universe can be described as the pioneering move. In addition, the exact replica watches is also equipped with a blue ceramic dial and orange GMT pointer. The watch’s hands and hourglass are crafted in 18K white gold and covered in white Super-LumiNova luminous finish to make the blue dial glitzy.

The blue ceramic bezel features a submersible scale refined with OMEGA Liquidmetal® technology. The first 15 minutes of the scale is decorated with unique orange rubber and is brighter and brighter in ceramic material. Crown on the “OMEGA” logo and row of helium valve with orange rubber injection color.

OMEGA Hippocampus series Ocean Universe “blue sea” watch the same back of the watch striking, alveolar screw-type back with Omega unique innovative ceramic Naiad lock technology, making engraved words neat and elegant.

The watch is equipped with a blue rubber strap with orange stitching and a blue ceramic folding clasp. In addition to the unique design, Omega Ocean Universe “Blue Sea Blue” watch waterproof up to 600 meters, and equipped with Omega 8906 Observatory movement. Every “blue sea” watch passed the eight rigorous tests set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and was awarded the “Chronicles Observatory” title. As a cohesive brand watchmaking excellence as an example, high quality Omega replica watches for this section to provide up to four years of service assurance.

Omega ceramic technology innovation
Since the mid-1980s, ceramic materials have been used in watchmaking, and the introduction of this material is largely due to the pioneering efforts of the Swatch Group.
Omega ceramic materials used hard texture, the hardness of steel is six times the wear-resistant, easy to change color or fade advantages, can be described as build a tough extraordinary watch a good choice. For Omega, the classic Supermaster series and the hippocampus series are all examples of expeditionary spirit, while the infinite possibilities of ceramic materials bring a brand new enlightenment to their watchmaking technology.
About eight years ago, Omega applied a small piece of triangular ceramic to a piece of jewelery in the Seamaster’s Ocean Universe, making it the brand’s first attempt at ceramics. Since then, the ceramic material has become a very important part of Omega’s innovative future watchmaking process.
Beginning with the original Triangle decorations, Omega has gradually incorporated this material into more designs, from bezel to dial to the overall case, all made of ceramic. This achievement does not depend on inspiration alone. In fact, Omega must master a very strict precision production process.
Now, a Omega Speedmaster series of ceramic watches in the manufacturing process first need to be a special zirconium-based powder pressed into the shape of the mold in the case. During the sintering process, the watch case must be placed in a high temperature of 1,400 degrees Celsius for firing to make it hard and wear-resistant. For tough materials such as ceramics, diamond grinding tools are required to create specific edges and grooves that are lubricated and cooled by high pressure oil. The case was then placed in a plasma furnace and heated for up to 3 hours in an environment of up to 20,000 degrees Celsius. Finally, to achieve accurate laser engraving.
Speedmaster Series “Dark Side of the Moon” replica watches forum is the first Omega watchcase made of ceramic pieces made of excellence. Subsequently, the “Moonlight” and “Haoyue of gray” and other items have also been published.
However, it should be specially emphasized that every color innovation of ceramic materials has higher requirements on process expertise. In fact, this is a very complex science.
The new Omega Seamaster series Ocean Universe “blue sea blue” watch the need for coloring in the early stage of ceramic powder that is. But only by strictly following the production steps can the ultimate fascinating blue show.
Among the long history of the brand, Omega has been committed to research and innovation watchmaking process, which is why once again achieved its leading position in the ceramic watchmaking. The birth of the blue ceramic watch for the Omega replica watches swiss series adds exciting excellence, but also to make the wearer feel the perfect combination of style and innovation.

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